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Body and Soul – Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

Of Amy Winehouse and her unexpected death, Bennett said, “What I wanted to do, I wanted to stop her, I wanted to tell her that many years ago I was naughty also with some drugs.” Bennett revealed, a quote from a friend stuck with him for life. “Woody Allen’s manager at the time [Jack Rollins] said he knew Lenny Bruce,” Bennett explained, recalling a conversation about the boundary-breaking comedian and satirist who died young of a drug overdose. “[Rollins] said one sentence that changed my life: He said, ‘He sinned against his talent.’ I wanted to tell her that and I had to leave because we were touring all over the world making this album, and I never got a chance to do it. “My son called up and said she died, and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t get that message to her,” Bennett added sadly.

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