Cars & Sex

Jack, Tric, GSpot, Just Victora & Incredible Victoria review the best cars to have sex in. Marc Weingarten features Elaine Boozler. Gooey Gossip reviews the Kanye West naked sleeping video. Sex In My City is Hamburg, Germany. Hatchet Girl needs sex.

Cars We Love

Jack, Tric, GSpot & Melissa Foxx talk about mans and woman’s relationship and connection to cars. Gooey Gossip features details of the BET awards. Sex In My City is Macau, China. Sexy Artist Wiz Khalifa. Mexican doctor gets caught having sex at work.

50 Shades

Jack, Tric, GSpot & Melissa Foxx explore BDSM. We also talk about how the Orlando community is recovering from the Pulse massacre. Gooey Gossip features Charlie Sheen, Blair, and James. Linda Nunez is in the studio to sing her song Fields of Gold.