Swinging & Cheating

Prison Corruption - Sex, Drugs & Pregnancy

We’re about to go into a strange place, an upside-down world where inmates ran the prison and correctional officers took directions from the gang leader,” Prosecutor Robert Harding told jurors in opening statements, and White didn’t disappoint, describing a gang-run economy made possible by official corruption.

Victorias Secret – Getting Winged!


Sexy Artist Bruno Mars

“Uptown Funk!” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars jumps to #1 in its sixth week on Digital Songs, with sales of 288K. Mars has landed at least one #1 song on the digital sales chart every year since 2010. Mars and Katy Perry are the only artists who can make that claim.

“Uptown Funk!” is Mars’s seventh #1 on Digital Songs, which originated in October 2004. He’s one of only six artists to amass that many #1s. Rihanna leads the pack with 13 #1 digital hits, followed by Perry (10), Eminem and Taylor Swift (nine each), and Britney Spears (also with seven).