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Pretty Pictures for Sexy Spaces

Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Spaces:

“Arrange people so they can’t help but touch, and the evening gets more intimate immediately,” says Nancy Goslee Power, a former interior designer. Add soft light, colors that flatter skin tones, and candles after dark. Also, fire, water, and plants that delight with color, scent, sound, or movement.

But people prefer more confined spaces. “When I design, I think about circles some 9 feet in diameter. People like to be close, within 5 feet of one another,” she says. “Further apart,” she adds, “doesn’t feel friendly.”
7 Elements of a Sexy Garden
1. A fountain
2. Fragrant flowers
3. Dappled shade
4. Cushions
5. Privacy
6. Small spaces (that force people to touch)
7. Fire

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Womens bedroom Ideas:

Do decorate with peach in your bedroom if you’re a single woman, for this is the color that attracts a good man.

Don’t design your bedroom so that it’s overly feminine if you want to attract a man into your life.

Do add images of men and/or couples to your walls if you’re a single woman.

Don’t illuminate the NW corner of any room, as this may attract untrustworthy men into your life.

Do decorate with images of the Chinese phoenix in your bedroom if you’re a single woman. This is one of the traditional symbols for marriage.

Do use pink or peach-colored candles in the SW area of your bedroom if you’re a single woman. The fire element will give your romance and relationship area a boost.
Couple’s Bedroom Ideas:

Do be mindful that your bedroom is the most intimate place for couples, including their thoughts and dreams.

Do teach your children and their friends to respect the privacy of your bedroom and to knock and wait for permission to enter.

Don’t allow your children to enter your bedroom without your permission.