How To Be A Better Woman


How To Be A Better Woman In Your Lesbian Relationship

Kill jealousy: Women have the urge to get envious on small issues which is one of the main reasons behind a break up. Jealousy can spoil a healthy relationship. This feeling occurs due to lack of trust and confidence. If you have a jealous lesbian partner or if you are yourself jealous, share your feelings to get over it.
Maintain yourself: As a woman, you need to be clean and sensual. To maintain a lesbian relationship, you have to look good and always attract your female partner’s eyes.
Work together: To maintain a healthy lesbian relationship, try to stay together as much as possible. Women are very sensitive and if you don’t spend time with your partner or don’t make each other feel important, your relationship can break! Go together for a workout session, swim or shop together.
Gift each other: Women are emotional so small events and days are important for them. Present gifts to your partner on special days like anniversaries to keep the love alive! A surprise gift will spread happiness across.
Romance: To maintain and keep a relationship alive, you have to remember that romance is a strong and integral part. Women are romantic and a scene of intimacy can make her go crazy for you!
Solve conflicts instantly: Keep a lesbian relationship by always solving conflicts whenever it occurs. As a part of life, conflicts occur but don’t let these conflicts lead to a break up. Whenever there is a fight, accept your mistake if you are at fault. If your partner is responsible for the conflict, explain calmly later when the fire turns down.

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